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  • Vous mixez de quel h à quel h ?

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    Malheureusement, la soirée de ce soir est annulée ;'( Mais on va essayer de se trouver un nouveau rednez-vous trés bientôt !!!

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  • Hello can I post this here?

    Hey, Good night.
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    A Dr. File Finder Favorite -- AVS Audio Tools

    AVS Audio Tools, by Online Media Technologies Ltd. is a package of ten (10) audio tools. You can buy the tools and do all kinds of things with audio. I'll spend a little time with each of the tools to give you and idea of just how much this package covers. There's an audio grabber that helps you rip music from CDs. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt. This tool will also grab information for you from the CDDB online database. Slick. There's also an audio uploader that you can use for uploading audio to your handheld devices. In testing it out I uploaded some pictures of my grandchildren and some ringtones to my phone. Speaking of ringtones,

    there's also a ringtone maker that helps you to create your own ringtones for you phone. Works really well and is quite easy-to-use. The screen shot shows a picture of this tool in action. You can use it to make some really individualized ringtones. The package also has an audio converter that supports a large number of audio formats. Also in the package you'll find an audio recorder. I used this one to creat some sounds for my computer. There's also a CD creator, a tool for burning MP3s, as well as a CD cloning tool. Last but not least is an Internet radio recorder. Slick.
    AVS Audio Tools packs a lot of functionality into this one package. You're probably thinking that the price is going to reflect it too. Well, think again. I was actually shocked to see how much this entire package goes for. I've spent more for one tool. You can get this entire package for $29 and change. What a deal. The AVS Audio Tools are easy-to-use and intuitive. They're powerful and also configurable. I like them so well that they aren't only a Pick, but also a Dr. File Finder Favorite and those are few and far between. This is a package I'm going to have to buy and you might want to as well. If you're into audio this is the package you need to buy. Check it out, I recommend it.
    ? AVS Audio Tools
    ? Version:
    ? System Requirements: Windows 2000/2003/XP
    ? Get more info
    ? Download AVS Audio Tools NOW!
    View A Screen Shot

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